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Mempelajari objektif kepentingan kesedaran terhadap penggunaan komputer. Objektif nya ialah mendefinisi kan maksud komputer dan menganal pasti kompenan perkakasan nya. Selain itu, cuba menerangkan mengapa komputer itu sangat berkuasa dan mengetahui fungsi network (rangkaian) kepada manusia. Membincangkan penggunaan komputer dan ’the world wide web’dan membezakan antara installing dan running programme. Kita juga mengenal pasti jenis-jenis software serta menerangkan kategori-kategori komputer. Objektif lain ialah menentukan bagaimana element of information system interact dan mengenal pasti jenis-jenis pengguna komputer serta membincangkan various computer applications in society.

A World of Computer  
What is computer literacy?
Computer literacy is knowledge and understanding of computer and their uses example Microsoft word is for making letter or any documents. This is because computer is everywhere.
How computer is defined
Electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in  its own memory which can accept data ( input ) and process data into data that is well organized, meaningful and useful and produce results ( output ) like banner and poster.
What is the information processing cycle ?
Input, process, output, storage, communication.
The Compenant of a Computer
Input device like keyboard, microphone, stylus pen, scanner, and digital camera. This hardware is used to enter data and instructions. Output device is hardware that produce information. System unit or chasis is a box like case cointaining electronic compenant used to process data. Two main compenant of the motherboard are CPU that is also called processor and carries out instruction that tell computer what to do. One more is memory which have temporary holding place for data ang instructions.
What is storage?
Storage can hold data, instructions and information for future use. Storage media is physical material on which data ang information are stored. Storage device records and retrieves items to and from a storage medium. Storage medium is digital cameras, handheld computer, portable,thin memory cards.
What is floppy disk?
Thin, circular, flexible disk enclosed in rigid plastic shell and has much greater capacity.
What is flash drive?
Flash drive provides much greater storage capacity.
What is hard disk?
Hard disk provides much greater storage than flash drive and floppy disk and is housed inside the system unit/chasis.
Compact disk is flat, round, portable metal disc such as CD ROM, CD RW, DVD ROM, DVD RW.
Computer is very powerful because its have storage, realibility and consistency, speed, accurate and communications.
Network and Internets
Collection of computer and devices connected together. Communication device enables a connection between a computer by using one type modem, route or bridge. Communication media is microwave (wireless), cables (wired), telephone lines, cellular radio, satellites.
What are the reasons to network is to share resources, hardware devices (network printer), software programmes, data, information, so that, we can save time and money.
What is a server?
Manages the resources on a network and a client can accsess the resources on the server.
What is internet?(international network)
World wide of collection of networks that connects million of computer.
We use internet to communicate, to get information, for shopping, banking, investing, having classes and entertainment.
What is the web?
Billion of documents, called web pages available to anyone connected to the internet. A web site is a collection of related web pages. A web pages contains text, graphics, sound, video, and links to other web pages. We can share information by creating web pages or posting photos on a photo community.

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'Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."


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